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想像よりも遥かに続く砂丘を歩き、砂丘を越え海が見えた時の爽やかな気持ちをPiano & Beatsで描いた。

chillemoはゴースト達が音楽で遊び続ける共和国”THE REPUBLIC OF GHOSTs(TROGs)”から日記のように音楽を作り続けている

The diary on August 15 records the memories of first visit to the Tottori Sand Dunes.

chillemo walked through the dunes that was far beyond his imagination and drew the refreshing feelings which chillemo crossed the dunes and saw the sea. using Piano & Beats to express this refreshing feelings.

chillemo keeps making music like a diary from ‘THE REPUBLIC OF GHOSTs(TROGs)’ where ghosts keep playing with music.

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