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少し切なくなるようなピアノメロディーとボーカルのコーラスを大胆に切り刻み、old SchoolなBeatsで作り上げたLo-Fi Hiphop。

chillemoはゴースト達が音楽で遊び続ける共和国”THE REPUBLIC OF GHOSTs(TROGs)”から日記のように音楽を作り続けている。

The diary on March 27 recorded the sensation of a ray of light shining on the haze of the head.
It has became Lo-Fi Hiphop created with old school Beats by boldly chopping a slightly emotional piano melody and vocal chorus.

chillemo keeps making music like a diary from ‘THE REPUBLIC OF GHOSTs(TROGs)’ where ghosts keep playing with music.

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